Ex-Guard takes a 2000lb Moose Hit

“Work great .. last winter I hit a moose head-on with the Ex-Guard bumper and was still able to drive the truck back to home terminal. I was 130,000 pounds .. moose was about 1500-2000 pounds .. hit at 62mph”…

Deer Hit at Highway Speeds

Here’s my guard after a deer hit at highway speeds. No damage to the truck a little chunk of the protective coating was peeled off. Thanks for a great guard! Saved me thousands in body shop cost and downtime.


Dealers Did You Know?

Dealers, Did you know Ex-Guard is ready to promote your Events? 

Ex-Guard recognizes the support from out Gold Dealers and we are always ready to help promote and encourage success. If your team is planning on an Open House, Grand

2019 ATA TMC Show


My last trip to Atlanta was for the TMC show that took place at the Georgia Convention Center. The show was fantastic! The overall theme of the time was saving money on gas, mileage and truck …

2019 NSRMCA Show



The seminar took place at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, presented by David Hendel, attorney for the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association (NSRMCA). This seminar focuses on HCR and …

Fuel Economy Test

Calculating Total Savings or Cost with Ex-Guard 

Total additional mpg cost for 25 designs are $0/ year. Total additional mpg costs for 50 Designs $210/ year.

MVTS Transport conducted Third Party Real Life Testing with Ex-Guard’s. The following are the results of that test.

25 Designs
No effect on fuel economy, therefore zero cost in fuel.

50 Designs
At …

Alan Ritchey Inc. Testimonial

“One of our concerns when we first started testing the Ex-Guard product was the idea that the guards might adversely affect our MPG. We are very sensitive to this issue, and we go to great lengths to spec and maintain …

Sales Corner – Tom Holt

My experience in the trucking industry started Thanksgiving 2011 when I accepted a position at Ex-Guard. Talk about baptism by fire, abruptly entering an industry and sorting yourself out, this was it. Of course, my territory was a breeze, Maine …

2018 Trucker Jamboree


On Thursday, July 12th, the Ex-Guard Marketing Team set up a display booth at the Iowa Truck Jamboree held at the I-80 World’s Largest Truck Stop in Walcott, IA. The Jamboree is a 3-day jam-packed event which …