Frequently Asked Questions


How much does an Ex-Guard weigh?

Depending on the model of guard you choose, your Ex-Guard will weigh between 85 and 234 lbs.

What warranty does an Ex-Guard have?

Ex-Guard offers a standard one year manufacturer’s limited warranty on all our products. Read details

How long does it take to install an Ex-Guard?

Depending on the truck / bracket kit and experience of the installer, it generally takes less than 1 hour to install an Ex-Guard. Please contact us or your Ex-Guard dealer for more information.

What color / coating options do you offer?

Our standard plastisol coating comes standard in either silver or black.  Please contact us if you’re interested in a custom color as we can customize colors for large volume orders like Navajo Trucking shown below.

Navajo 4 - Web

We do not offer powder coating, painting, or any polished metal standard, but contact us with special requests and we’ll research potential solutions for you to see if we can fulfill that request.  If we are not able to find one, you can be sure we tried!

100 Series vs 200 Series vs 300 Series?

The XG-100 Series guards are Heavy Duty guards for aerodynamic (set back axle) semi trucks.

The XG-200 Series guards are Heavy Duty guards for classsic (set forward axle) semi trucks.

The LT 300 Series guards are Lighter Duty guards for aerodynamic (set back axle) semi trucks.

What if I need to tow the truck?

Ex-Guard brackets have tow hooks integrated into the design.  The tow hooks are designed to pull the weight of the truck should it stall but should not be used to winch a truck stuck in mud or sand.

Can I replace only the lower portion of the guard that I damaged?

Both the XG-100 and the XG-200 series are 2-piece assemblies and can be upgraded or have 1 of the components replaced.  The other series, LT-300 and CV, cannot as they are 1-piece assemblies and not modular.


Can I buy an Ex-Guard direct from the factory?

Ex-Guard is 100% manufactured in U.S.A. and our grille guards and associated bracket kits are distributed through our authorized dealer network. Find your nearest dealer. No dealer nearby? Contact us for a solution!

Product availability/lead times?

Ex-Guard dealers around the country often have the product you need in stock. Ex-Guard strives to ship grille guard / mixed product orders in as little as 3 days and all available bracket kits within 24 hrs.

How many Ex-Guards can fit on a pallet?

For the XG-100 and the XG-200 series, up to four (4) guards can fit on one pallet.  A pallet can fit up to six (6) of the LT-300 series and our CV series guards.