...Ex-Guard has saved us thousands of dollars...
Joshua Laughlin, OTR Fleet Support, Central Oregon Trucking

Built to withstand an impact and keep you trucking!


Built Tough: Constructed of high-strength steel, the strongest pound-for-pound protection available.

Secure: Rattle-free latches are of the highest quality, easy to use, operate smoothly and efficiently.

Easy to Handle: Light and easy to handle. They fold down beautifully allowing quick access making pre-trip inspections a breeze.

Made in the USA

We've got you covered!


Universal: Mounting brackets allow seamless transfer from truck to truck. Why should you have to reinvest in another guard when your truck’s life runs its course?

CMS Compatible: We have guards that are CMS compatible with every brand.

Low Maintenance: You don’t have to remove an Ex-Guard® to wash your truck. Durable, weatherproof PVC coating that withstands impacts and road wear to prevent rusting.

We've got you covered!


Quick & Easy Installation: An Ex-Guard® takes less than 1 hour to install, saving you valuable time and money.

Fuel Efficient: Aerodynamic design prevents fuel economy loss as proven in an Ex-Guard test study by Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions.

Price: Fleets face a per vehicle average of $10,000+ in parts, repairs, and downtime alone! Ex-Guards® are affordably priced and more than pay for themselves with their superior protection.

We've got you covered!

We Protect

Ex-Guard manufactures front-end protection for all 8 major semi-truck brands. The levels of coverage range from bumper only to full front-end protection.

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What our customers say...

“Ex-Guard has been an invaluable addition to our fleet. We average 200-400 animal strikes a year, not counting all of the minor dings and scrapes encountered during normal operations. Before we started using Ex-Guard, animal strikes were catastrophic events which included loss of the cooling package, towing, and extended downtime. We started using deer guards 4-5 years ago and the financial impact and downtime of an animal strikes have been greatly reduced. We probably saved around $400k the first year alone. With the deer guard you still may encounter a cracked bumper or busted headlight; however, the truck is still drivable in most cases. In fact, we have deer guards that have taken 4-5 animal strikes and still running strong. We simply can't afford not to run Ex-Guards on our trucks.”

- Allen Caldwell | Manager of Maintenance Technology | First Fleet Inc

Allen Caldwell Manager of Maintenance Technology at First Fleet Inc
Ex-Guard Industries
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