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“My truck has only been on the road for 2 months.  It is a 2017 brand new Hino straight truck.  The first night after we put the guard on it the driver hit a deer going 55 mph, leaving only a small dent in the bumper. I just wanted to say thanks for the great product!”
  • Suzan Porter, Blackburn Trucking, Elizaville, NY
“We have been using the Ex-Guard product XG-125 for over four years now.  Before we started installing them, our average animal collision costs were roughly $10k per truck.  Almost every incident required extensive hood repair, grill replacement, bumper replacements or repairs, headlight assembly replacement, and can even get as far as charging the air cooler, AC condenser, radiator and fan hub components.  Now that our fleet is 100% fitted with deer guards,  we see minimal damage to the front ends of our trucks. We have no doubt in our minds that we have fully taken advantage of the ROI this product will give you.”
  • Aaron Weiland, Director of Maintenance, Schuster Company, LeMars, IA
“My Ex-Guard is awesome. We just had one installed on our 2017 M2 Freightliner Seneca Motor Home. We went on our first long trip to PEI and received many positive compliments on its enhanced look. It is very simple and smooth to lower out of the way to get into the engine compartment. This is one kickass guard! Thanks Ex-Guard and Surgenor’s Dealer of Kingston for a great product!”
  • Earl Hugo, Kingston, Ontario
“Ex-Guard has saved me twice already on the same truck. Both times there was no damage to the truck, and the guard’s center section was easily replaceable. I hit a deer at 40 mph and also had a trailer back up into my truck in a grain line. Even slow speed accidents such as these could have destroyed my hood and taken out my radiator. My truck is nice and safe.”
  • Robert Brackett, Turbo Turtle Logistics, Omaha, NE

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