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A beautiful sunset, amazing looking trucks, what more can one ask for in a picture? Thanks for sharing Mihai Dercaci and Schwarz Logistics

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Our driver at Ex-Guard decided to test the strength of the HD-425 and hit a deer with our truck. "I hit the deer at 75 MPH. There was no damage except for a small ding in the grille but there was s**t all down the side of my truck!"

- Bill Hand, Ex-Guard driver

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What is the craziest thing you have ever hauled?

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About Ex-Guard

Ex-Guard Industries, manufacturer of the patented Ex-Guard® bumper protection system, is a rapidly growing brand based in Des Moines, IA. We specialize in providing solutions-based products that satisfy our clients at all levels. The Ex-Guard® system accomplishes this admirably by providing a unique front end protection system for vehicles that has one of the greatest strength-to-weight ratios in the market.

Ex-Guard® is the drivers’ guard of choice.


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Stories from the Road

  • Ex-Guard Testimonial
    These grille guards are designed exceptionally well. The coating is far superior to any competing guards and if something must be replaced such as hardware or the upper section of the guard, it installs seamlessly. We hope to install Ex-Guard on all 140 units we run. As a service manager, I love these guards and they are a pleasure to service and maintain.

    Bucky |

    Shop Team Leader |

    Contract Transport Services |

  • Ex-Guard Testimonial
    What a great product! Hit a deer going 65 mph in my 2016 Freightliner Cascadia. Absolutely no damage to the truck or any damage to the guard. Can’t say enough about your product. It paid for itself in that one deer strike. I have hit several deer in other trucks over the years. Suffering catastrophic damage each time and costly downtime. Thanks Ex-Guard for making a quality product.

    Ronald Livelsberger |

    York, PA

  • Here at Wright’s Sawmill, we’ve had two collisions while running Ex-Guards; one was with a pickup and one with a deer. The deer was just flicked out of the way and the truck was untouched. This was truly a lifesaver considering the last deer collision cost $17,000.00 and it was only a low-speed hit. When a driver ran a stop sign in front of another truck of ours that was traveling downhill, our truck was completely protected and the only damage to the Ex-Guard was a small gash out of the lower portion. If it hadn’t been for the guard, the truck would have been in the shop for months! I am tickled to death with these Ex-Guards.

    Chip Wright |

    Wright's Sawmill |

    Arlington, KY