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When my wife first mentioned your product, I was skeptical of how it would look on the truck. Now that it’s installed, it is a nice looking, practical piece of equipment. To my surprise, it is very easy to fold down to…
Gill T.Lakeside Transport
Beyond impressed! I haven’t hit a deer in over 25 years. When I hit a deer with my Chevy pickup, going about 70 mph, both fenders, passenger door, hood, windshield, bumper, radiator and fan were destroyed in a fraction o…
Kevin Winkler
For many years we have run trucks in North Carolina in our heavy haul division which in this area we run they call the area deer country in the past deer’s have damage our units many times costing us thousands of dolla…
Patrick UnderwoodRaven Transport, IncEden, NC
I just wanna say your the only product i wanted on my truck. After I saw ex-guard on alot of trucks, I went on your website and knew right away I wanted your product. The black guard really looks [great on my] gray truck…
Michael Towler
We looked around before we made the choice. Yours was by far the better built, best looking and easiest to operate! Cheers!  Not only does your bumper mitigate damage from animal collisions it saved our front end from a…
Joshua ReynoldsTST Truckload ExpressBurlington, Ontario, CANADA
I have had my grill guard for 3 years and it has saved my truck from damage 3 times. The 1st was a super single Tire that blow out and hit my truck and could have damage my radiator. 2nd was when a truck backed into the …
John HaginsWild Hog TruckingJonesboro, AR
[We] found [the guard] at Fresno Truck Center and decided to get to because of some close calls we have had recently with deer in the roadway.  The grass is growing in the foothills where we are contracted. Cows, hors…
JessicaD & K TowingFresno, CA
I have an Ex-Guard on my 2013 Cascadia, and while I was driving through Iowa one early morning, I hit a deer. It was an eight point buck. It struck dead center of my grille. When I examined my truck in the daylight, ther…
Waylon ErdmannRiverland Trucking
Hit a deer on the corner of the guard that wrapped around and hit the truck. The collision broke the fender but the truck is completely drivable thanks to the guard.
Satisfied Customer
An accident happened north of Mankato, MN at 12:15am, Feb 11th.  3 horses got out of their pen and ran east to west across 169 S, 20 miles north of Mankato. Luckily, my driver only had 1 trailer instead of doubles …
Jacob DybvigJetco Inc, FedEx Ground contractorSt. Paul, MN
Another truck hit a deer today.  Your product held up as the deer went through the bumper in pieces and there was minimal damage to the truck.
James EvansFleet ManagerAirtime ExpressMississauga (Toronto), Ontario, Canada
I am very pleased with the Ex-Guard product, I currently have them on all of our units, they are easy to install and once they are on as an owner I feel more confident when the trucks leave the yard. there are many hazar…
Gary MahliPrimelink ExpressFrench Camp, CA
Since purchasing the Ex-Guard XG-150 for our entire OTR fleet over a year ago, we have experienced around 20 deer collisions, a couple of moose collisions and one elk collision. These collisions have only ever resulted i…
Craig PooleV.P.Quest Global
Your bumpers are run on my fleet of International day trucks, and they have saved countless dollars from deer strikes to my equipment.  They are very rugged and well made.  They will be on every truck in the future.
Bill ClaggettDedicated Logistics
My name is Rex Barlow April 3 years ago I purchased a XG-195 guard for my century and at the time I was not really sure of your product but three years later 29 deer and 2 hogs I can say with no reservation this is one o…
Rex Barlow

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Ex-Guard Industries Story

Ex-Guard Industries, manufacturer of the Ex-Guard™ bumper protection system, is a rapidly growing business based in downtown Des Moines, IA. We specialize in providing solutions-based products that satisfy our clients at all levels. The Ex-Guard™ system accomplishes this admirably by providing a unique front end protection system for trucks that has the greatest strength to weight ratio in the market. Ex-Guard™, designed for Big Rigs and Semi Trucks, is ideal for fleets needing Grill Guards, Bumper Guards, Bull Bars, Roo Bars, Cow Catchers, Deer Guards, and other animal collision protection.

Grille Guards for Fleets

Ex-Guard Industries specializes in servicing truck fleets through our rapidly expanding dealer network. The Ex-Guard™ system is well suited to large fleet fit-outs, with its quick and simple install process and comprehensive truck manufacturer compatibility. With it’s state-of-the-art, proprietary hinge mechanism, folding down the guard to access the engine is easy, making it the guard of choice for fleets looking to minimize downtime. One further reason the Ex-Guard™ system is becoming popular so rapidly is it’s well-proven ability to sustain collisions with deer, elk, etc. repeatedly without sustaining any damage at all.

Bumper Guards for Drivers

It is the end users’ appreciation for the Ex-Guard™ system’s ease of use combined with durability and strength that is making Ex-Guard™ such a rapidly growing name in Big Rig grill guards, bumper guards, and deer guards. Ex-Guard™ is made of high tensile steel, the strongest material in the industry. In simple terms, Ex-Guard™ is the Truck Driver’s dream bumper guard.

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