What is the CM STYLE?

The CM (Collision Mitigation) Style was created at the request of Daimler to design a guard that exposes and does not interfere with the ‘no encroachment zone’ of the Detroit Assurance – CMS (Collision Mitigation System) for the New Gen Cascadia. The CM guards are specifically provided at PDI Centers.

Following this request, Ex-Guard® has created the CM modification to the XG 100 Series guards. This modification offers a larger opening in the center of the guard, making it compliant with the said ‘no encroachment zone.’ This style of guard is not necessary for CMS operation as all Ex-Guard grille guards allow the full functionality of these collision mitigation systems.


The Deep Style offers more coverage to mitigate front-end damage. Ex-Guard® offering the CM modification was upon request to ensure compliance with the ‘no encroachment zones’ set out by Daimler. Customers using the Deep Style Ex-Guards while running CMS have unhindered functionality of this technology.

Because of this, Ex-Guard Industries strongly urges you to use the guard that best suits your needs.

For more information on standard vs deep guard visit Should I Get A Deep Guard?



What is the Deep Style Guard vs the Standard Guard?

The Deep Style is specifically designed to complement trucks with larger bumpers which provide increased visibility for models with driving lights. This guard style is a model specific modification to the XG and LT Series designed to complement the Mack Anthem and New Generation Cascadia.

Should I Get A Deep Guard?