Ex-Guard Limited Warranty

Ex-Guard Industries guarantees the original purchaser a limited one year warranty from the time of purchase date against manufacturer defects in materials used to produce the EX-GUARD product including workmanship and design. The warranty does not cover any loss due to improper installation, road hazards, and defects from product modification, vandalism or accidents with the vehicle. Normal everyday ‘wear and tear’ of the EX-GUARD product is not included in this warranty agreement.

The purchaser of an EX-GUARD product will assume all risk and liability including installation of the product. The product should not be relied upon as total protection in the event of an accident or rollover situation. Original equipment components such as sensors, airbags, etc. should not be modified in any way. Please consult your vehicle manufacturer with any questions. EX-GUARD Industries assumes no risk nor liability for the loss of human life, injury, incidental or consequential damages in the actual event of an accident.