Alan Ritchey Inc. Testimonial

“One of our concerns when we first started testing the Ex-Guard product was the idea that the guards might adversely affect our MPG. We are very sensitive to this issue, and we go to great lengths to spec and maintain our trucks for maximum MPG. After a thorough analysis of several test units, we could find no measurable MPG difference between the trucks that had the Ex-Guard on them and the identical trucks that did not have the guards installed. This made the return on investment time for the Ex-Guard even shorter.

We look forward to using the guards on all of our future trucks and thank you for a well made, easy to install and use product that has positively impacted our company.”

-Dave Allison | Senior Vice PresidentAlan Ritchey, Inc.Valley View, TX

2018 New Generation Freightliner Cascadia Fog Light Test


To ensure the quality of our product on the latest vehicle makes and models, we took the 2018 New Generation Cascadia for a test. The image on the right showcases the visibility of the truck with and without a guard.

The conditions are true to what truck drivers face daily. Conditions shown are dark and raining on an unlit road. The driver has on the fog and headlights. For New Generation Cascadia models with fog lights, you can use our standard guards or ask about the XG 100 Series Deep Guard designs.

To see more video’s from Ex-Guard, check out Ex-Guard on Youtube.