The CV Guards are Back!

What We Didn’t Know

In 2016 Ex-Guard launched a Commercial Van line, the CV Series. This was a limited product range offering Van Guards for the Sprinter, Promaster, and Transit. What we didn’t know was the timing of this release hit us at the peak of Ex-Guards growing pains. Large vehicle orders had skyrocketed forcing us to re-think launching a new Vehicle line. We pulled back and focused on expanding our Large Semi Guard production. 

Word Spread Like Fire

However, in that brief time, word that the Ex-Guard CV product had taken off and requests remained in demand. People that had received a Van Guard were elated with its strength and performance, and lets face it…killer looks, that they were sharing it with everyone. Suddenly, we were blown up with messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, calls, emails, all asking if they could get one we might’ve stored away. We could not stop the word from spreading. People were so eager to get our CV guards that they said they’d take anything, asking even for blemished or damaged guards, whatever they could buy off our shelves. Even that we couldn’t offer, our CV guards were cleaned out. It gave us no joy to say that we had no further inventory or production plans for this line. We needed to deliver excellence and to do that we had to expand.


Back by popular demand

Fast-Forward to 2020 Ex-Guard has engineered a tech-driven revolutionary new coating line, we’ve moved to a new facility, and we’ve expanded our team of top Welders. Now…(drumroll) We are excited to announce that Ex-Guard is re-introducing the CV Series!!!!

Thank you for your persistence and your appreciation. We look forward to serving you with the best Commercial Van Guards in the Industry.


Watch the CV Guard Take a Hit


Hit Moose at 105km/hr with Ex-Guard!

“Hit a full grown cow moose dead centre last night at 105kmhr. Saved me and my truck. Just rolled the mount brackets some. I travel thousands of km every year on back roads repairing forestry equipment in northern Alberta. Best guard I’ve seen and a super good investment. Thanks Ex-Guard!”

– Richard Bourgeois | Richy B Contracting Ltd

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29 Deer, and 2 Hogs Later – Testimonial

“My name is Rex Barlow. April 3 years ago I purchased an XG-195 guard for my Century. At the time I was not really sure of your product but three years later, 29 deer, and 2 hogs I can say with no reservation this is one of the toughest bumper guards you can buy. Running in the Hill Country of East Texas and in South Texas, I would recommend this bumper guard to anybody. In that time the only damage that I have ever had was one headlight on the left side and the light bar underneath the bumper. Considering all it’s well worth the money.”

-Rex Barlow

‘That thing will stop a moose’

“When my wife first mentioned your product, I was skeptical of how it would look on the truck. Now that it’s installed, it is a nice looking, practical piece of equipment. To my surprise, it is very easy to fold down to allow access to the hood. I was also concerned about cleaning behind the lower portion of the bars but this concern vanished after the first washing. It is easy to get a brush between the bumper and fog lights and the lower bars. I especially like the coating that has been applied to the bars. I am sure this will protect them from scratches and rust and keep it looking good for many years. I saw a cutaway at the Volvo dealer and was impressed at the thickness of the steel tubing and the thickness of the coating. I am sure this will protect the front of our truck from any deer that wanders into our path. The service manager at Hickory Volvo said, “That thing will stop a moose.” After that, everyone started calling it a Moose Catcher.”

-Gill. T | Lakeside Transport

Ex-Guard saved the truck an astronomical amount of damage

“Ex-Guard saved the truck an astronomical amount of damage. The driver lost control of the truck and went down an embankment, crossed the median and went on across the oncoming traffic lane before colliding head-on with a large tree. The truck only suffered minor damage to the body. My co-workers and I have never seen any other brand of guard hold up to an impact of this dimension!”

-Brian Goad | Middle Georgia Freightliner Isuzu | Macon, GA