2-4 Deer/Elk a year can’t stop this Ex-Guard!

“My experience with Ex-Guard has been great. I had one on my 2016 Freightliner Cascadia as well. I purchased it used from my buddy before buying the new HD-495B for my Peterbilt. I average 2-4 deer/elk a year and I look forward to utilizing this deer guard on wildlife here in the Pacific Northwest. I run the mountain passes in Oregon and Washington 6 days a week.”

– Kazimierz Frackiewicz

Alan Ritchey Inc. Testimonial

“One of our concerns when we first started testing the Ex-Guard product was the idea that the guards might adversely affect our MPG. We are very sensitive to this issue, and we go to great lengths to spec and maintain our trucks for maximum MPG. After a thorough analysis of several test units, we could find no measurable MPG difference between the trucks that had the Ex-Guard on them and the identical trucks that did not have the guards installed. This made the return on investment time for the Ex-Guard even shorter.

We look forward to using the guards on all of our future trucks and thank you for a well made, easy to install and use product that has positively impacted our company.”

-Dave Allison | Senior Vice PresidentAlan Ritchey, Inc.Valley View, TX



Validates Ex-Guard’s Performance

Las Cruces, New Mexico – May 15, 2019 – MVT Solutions, a provider of breakthrough fuel economy testing and design and development services for the trucking industry, today announced that its evaluation of the Ex-Guard LT series grille guards, manufactured by Ex-Guard Industries, provides front end damage protection to trucks which have little to no negative impact on the trucks overall fuel efficiency.

“Our testing found the Ex-Guard LT-325 grille guard had no discernable effect on fuel  economy while the LT-350 had only a small negative impact of -0.51%, which is a smaller impact than the tractor’s side mirrors,” stated Daryl Bear, lead engineer & COO at MVT Solutions.

“The results are what we expected based on feedback from fleets that already use our product, but we asked MVT Solutions to quantify the fuel consumption impact of our grille guards in an attempt to completely alleviate any concerns about MPG loss with our guards,”

Dennis Geipel, a representative from Ex-Guard added. “We chose MVT Solutions for these trials because of their reputation in fuel economy testing and wanted to eliminate any questionable variables that might have remained. These verified results will now allow fleets to make a well-informed decision about adding Ex-Guard grille guards based on their ability to prevent costly front-end damage.”

The certified testing by MVT Solutions was developed from race car engineering and advanced vehicle test methods using sensors and recording systems that collect data on fuel consumption, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, driver behavior and other variables that affect fuel consumption. The data is analyzed using MVTS proprietary methods.

For the Ex-Guard evaluations, two test vehicles ran simultaneously at 65 MPH on a 9-mile circle track. The 2019 International LT models were specified with Cummins X15 engines and Eaton 10-speed automated manual transmissions. The tractors pulled 53-ft Hyundai dry vans equipped with Michelin Energy Guard aerodynamic systems, and both tractors and trailers were fitted with single wide-base tires.

“Typically, interfering with the airflow on a vehicle can impact fuel economy significantly,” said Daryl Bear. “However, Ex-Guard products minimize their affect on aerodynamic drag because they are mounted several inches away from the front of the vehicle and are designed with round tubing, allowing air to continue flowing. Ex-Guard grille guards are not a fuel saving product, but our testing should provide fleets with the confidence to consider their use based on maintenance and operational costs as opposed to fuel economy losses.”


Calculating Total Savings or Cost with Ex-Guard 

MVTS Transport conducted Third Party Real Life Testing with Ex-Guards.

The following are the results of that test.

25 Designs
No effect on fuel economy, therefore zero cost in fuel.

50 Designs
At 125,000 miles traveled annually, the fuel used would be 66 gallons, .5GAL/1000 miles.


-66 gallons/year x $2.58/gal = $162/yr fuel cost

Using the average retail cost of diesel fuel in the U.S. in 2020 at $2.58 /gal, this amounts to $162 annually in fuel per truck.

For more questions on test results contact Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions, LLC or Ex-Guard Industries.

Ex-Guard, You Are Lifesavers!

Dear Ex-Guard,

I am writing to thank you for designing and building such a great product. I have a story to tell.

Back in the beginning of August, I purchased a used truck that had come equipped with an Ex-Guard 150. The 2016 Freightliner is a mostly fiberglass and plastic front end. I had been looking for a product of same or similar for my prior rig, so having found a replacement with a guard already installed was a plus. I had heard mixed reviews about how well they worked in general and came to a conclusion that you get what you pay for. Little did I know at the time that I would get first hand experience testing your product.

In the beginning of December, I was heading west past a fuel stop with an eastern “right in-right out” entrance. As I approached this access point, a semi truck was entering the highway with a left turn signal on. Looking like he was being safe and signaling the acceleration lane to right lane change I began to overtake him. It was then I realized that he really wanted the left lane. Being this was on a 4 lane divided highway and I had a green light, I had not slowed much, up until I discovered his intentions. I then locked up my brakes and hoped he would check his mirrors before making impact and/or finishing his lane change to the one I was occupying. I know now that his intent was to make an illegal U-Turn at the west entrance to the station and the access point for the eastbound traffic. This is where the stoplight was and there is no left turn lane for westbound traffic. I was crowded to the left as far as I dared to go and when he finally initiated the left (U) turn with his tractor (without ever checking his mirrors) he pretty much cut off my only escape route. I impacted the left rear quarter of his tractor and basically pushed his truck down the road a distance of between 75-100 feet before we came to a stop. There were NO injuries other than I had a couple of scrapes from stuff in the cab. Everyone walked away.

I have had a chance in the last few months to review the photos of my truck and listen to the reports of progress from the body shop. I am told the frame was only slightly bent and they removed and replaced everything on the front end except the frame rails and the engine. Even the front engine mount and the front subframe was replaced. Additionally, the front axle was replaced.

I am firmly convinced that without your Ex-Guard xg-150 that the damage to my truck would have included the engine and have gotten up to and included the firewall and cab of the truck. I believe in looking at the photos that your product minimized the damage to my truck to the $40,000 estimate, stopped the intrusion into my rig and it absorbed a majority of the impact. I cannot thank you enough for such a great product. You can bet that I will continue to use this product on any future rigs I own.

Although I do NOT recommend testing this product this way, I do believe that your product saved me from a totaled truck and a trip to the hospital. Very good insurance in my case considering the possibilities for damage and injuries.

Once again a hearty, THANK YOU, you guys are lifesavers.

-Paul Ahles | Hopkins, MN

Ex-guard passes THE TEST! SAVES $10,000 IN PARTS ALONE!

Another testimonial about our light-duty LT-325BG2 guard…
“Just thought I’d share a new truck grill test. Guy hit a pretty big deer in an only 10k mile truck. It was only on the road 2 weeks, and after collision with a deer, this what we got. Very impressive, thank you and your engineers for an awesome save. This time it saved us about $10,000 in parts alone!”
-Vitaliy Dyachuk | Vline Inc. | Syracuse, NY