Ex-Guard Prevents $6,000 in Damages

“We had a 2016 Volvo that was bought brand new. A driver took the truck on his weekly route but that truck didn’t have the Ex-Guard on it. Long story short it cost us over $6,000 on repairs! Now with these 2019 Volvos, I’m not taking any chances! We founded a great piece of mind with your amazing products! I do not want to be caught off Guard again and I’m proud to buy American brand!”

– Ken Doan | Rosemead, CA

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Deer Hit at Highway Speeds

Here’s my guard after a deer hit at highway speeds. No damage to the truck a little chunk of the protective coating was peeled off.
Thanks for a great guard! Saved me thousands in body shop cost and downtime.

-Todd Danielson 

Ex-Guard saved the truck an astronomical amount of damage

“Ex-Guard saved the truck an astronomical amount of damage. The driver lost control of the truck and went down an embankment, crossed the median and went on across the oncoming traffic lane before colliding head-on with a large tree. The truck only suffered minor damage to the body. My co-workers and I have never seen any other brand of guard hold up to an impact of this dimension!”

-Brian Goad | Middle Georgia Freightliner Isuzu | Macon, GA