Alan Ritchey Inc. Testimonial

“One of our concerns when we first started testing the Ex-Guard product was the idea that the guards might adversely affect our MPG. We are very sensitive to this issue, and we go to great lengths to spec and maintain our trucks for maximum MPG. After a thorough analysis of several test units, we could find no measurable MPG difference between the trucks that had the Ex-Guard on them and the identical trucks that did not have the guards installed. This made the return on investment time for the Ex-Guard even shorter.

We look forward to using the guards on all of our future trucks and thank you for a well made, easy to install and use product that has positively impacted our company.”

-Dave Allison | Senior Vice PresidentAlan Ritchey, Inc.Valley View, TX

…we have fully taken advantage of the ROI this product will give you.

“We have been using the Ex-Guard XG-125 product for over four years now. Before we started installing them, our average animal collision costs were roughly $10k per truck. Almost every incident required extensive hood repair, grill replacement, bumper replacement or repair, headlight assembly replacement, and can even get as far as changing the air cooler, AC condenser, radiator and fan hub components. Now that our fleet is 100% fitted with deer guards, we see minimal damage to the front ends of our trucks. We have no doubt in our minds that we have fully taken advantage of the ROI this product will give you.”

– Aaron Weiland | Director of Maintenance | Schuster Company | LeMars, IA

Great company with Great products!

“We’ve had the best experience ever with Ex-Guard, lots of saved radiators, hoods and bumpers. Great company with Great products!”

– Mihai Dercaci | President | Schwarz Logistics