Seay Oil Company Testimonial

“Our Ex-Guard grille guards have been quite an impressive piece. Many deer collisions have happened over the past few years and we have yet to experience downtime from them. The most memorable deer collision happened recently. A driver of ours hit a deer at high speed and kept going as nothing was wrong with the truck. After stopping to inspect the front end, he realized that the deer was wedged into the grille guard and he had to pull it out by the legs and drag it off the road. This collision would have destroyed the front end of the truck but, thanks to the Ex-Guard, it wasn’t damaged at all. Thank you Ex-Guard!”

Ronnie Fick | Fleet Operations Manager | Seay Oil Company | Paducah, KY

International XG-125International XG-125

I love it!!! Hadn’t had it 3 days…

I love it!!! Hadn’t had it 3 days… Probably saved this boys life! So, this just happened… driving in the center lane, going west on I-80 just east of Salt Lake City, UT. Boy was in the right lane and came over on us. Here’s the kicker, he didn’t stop. As I’m on the phone with police, I had to follow him into a residential area (where we lost him cause I couldn’t follow in the big truck), a State Trooper shows up to file a report. While he’s running my info, the guy comes back and admits fault. His dad made him. No one was hurt… well, except maybe the boy’s pride!

– Nicole Reeves | BCP Transportation