ATA TMC – Truckers Against Trafficking

2017 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition

We are very honored to have partnered with the Truckers Against Trafficking organization at the TMC Convention, providing the Ex-Guard for the truck that was displayed on the “Everyday Heroes” truck. What an honor it was to take part in creating this unique truck, showcasing the positive changes the truck will bring within the trucking industry to help with the prevention of human trafficking. The proceeds from this truck’s auction will go towards funding the program’s expansion.



The Transit Guard took 2 days of beatings from attendees at the 2017 NTEA Work Truck Show.

The annual Work Truck Show was a lively event drawing 11,799 attendees and 505 exhibiting companies. The Ex-Guard team thoroughly enjoyed the amazing exhibits and the hundreds of new and innovative products that were promoted at the show. We are thankful to all who visited our booth and checked out our bestselling CV series grille guard!

Ex-Guard’s Ford Transit guard (CV-25TR1B) endured 2 days of beatings from attendees at the 2017 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. A special thanks to all who participated in the Hammer Test. The CV Series from Ex-Guard® has a unique design that fits the vehicle well. Our CV series guards are manufactured using the same methods as our semi-truck guards. The 12 gauge high-tensile steel is coated with a thick PVC layer that offers unmatched durability, allowing it to really take a beating.



Highlights from the #TMC2017 Show!

2017 ATA TMC Show, Ex-Guard's Booth

2017 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition

Ex-Guard was proud to attend and exhibit our products at the American Trucking Association annual Technology & Maintenance Council held February 27 through March 2. There were over 9,000  attendees and exhibitors at this conference.  Several OEM booths at the show were presenting new models such as the International LT and the redesigned Freightliner Cascadia. Kenworth, Volvo, and others also had state-of-the-art displays which were real ‘eye catchers’ making each booth a great experience.

From the show, it is quite evident there are many changes occurring in the trucking industry ranging from Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) to brakes and wheel bearings. You name it, this show had it!

Another notable change is the prevalence of collision avoidance systems. Now more than ever, they are becoming an industry standard within all the latest trucks. This is an exciting change that Ex-Guard is ready for. We protect the Collision Avoidance Systems on the front of your truck with our advanced front-end protection products.

Bob Saxton, Director of Marketing


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