“Since purchasing the Ex-Guard XG-150 for our entire OTR fleet over a year ago, we
have experienced around 20 deer collisions, a couple of moose collisions and one elk
collision. These collisions have only ever resulted in headlight damage – a far cry from
the damaged grills, headlights and radiators that we once experienced. We have also
had numerous bump-ins at travel stops where tractor/trailers and automobiles have
backed into our equipment, and none of these have resulted in any damage to our
equipment. Without a doubt, these bumper guards have been one of the best
investments we have made in recent years. If any decision maker is concerned about
the ROI on this product, rest assured, the return can be realized within the first 12-18
months factoring in repair costs, lost revenue due to downtime and other indirect costs.”

– Craig Poole | Quest Global | Cartersville, GA