Ex-Guard Rebate for Landstar BCOs

Welcome Landstar BCOs,

We are happy to see you’re taking advantage of the special rebate you have access to with Landstar.

If you have already ordered your Ex-Guard, complete this form and your rebate will be sent directly to you.

If you have not ordered your Ex-Guard yet, Here’s how you can redeem this offer:

  1. Call Ex-Guard at 888.204.8478
  2. On your call with Ex-Guard:
    1. Provide your truck’s make, model, and variation (fog lights / CMS / bumper, where applicable)
    2. Share the level of coverage you prefer
    3. Ex-Guard will provide a quote*
    4. Ex-Guard will provide dealer options near you to negotiate the best deal.
  3. After Landstar BCO makes purchase:
    1. Submit this request form.
    2. Once the details are confirmed, the rebate will be sent directly to you.

*Freight may apply if specific Ex-Guard not in stock



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Kit 1

Gen 1 VS Gen 2 Ex-Guards



Ex-Guard’s Latest Guard Designs

  • Designed to allow greater spread angle on NEW LED headlights
  • Designed to complement the contours of newer set-back axle trucks
  • Wraps around the truck more than Gen 1 guards
  • Designed to improve aerodynamics
  • Orders will come in Gen 2 Guards, Gen 1 guards need to be specifically requested



  • The Gen 1 Design has increased space between the guard and the truck. 
  • Wraps around truck less than Gen 2 guards
  • Gen 1 Designs need to be specifically requested, default orders will come in Gen 2
CORONADO Set-Back models using XG-06FCOR or XG-09FCOR bracket kit
9100/9200/9400 models using the XG-INT9 bracket kit
T800 models using the XG-17KT8 bracket kit
GRANITE GU713 Set-Back using the XG-04MGUB bracket kit
365 Set-Back using the XG-07P389 bracket kit
567 Set-Back using the XG-13KP bracket





Ex-Guard saved the truck an astronomical amount of damage

“Ex-Guard saved the truck an astronomical amount of damage. The driver lost control of the truck and went down an embankment, crossed the median and went on across the oncoming traffic lane before colliding head-on with a large tree. The truck only suffered minor damage to the body. My co-workers and I have never seen any other brand of guard hold up to an impact of this dimension!”

-Brian Goad | Middle Georgia Freightliner Isuzu | Macon, GA

Walcott Iowa 80 Trucker Jamboree 2019 Highlights

The 2019 Walcott Trucker Jamboree at the worlds largest truck stop was a success! We had a ton of fun meeting truck drivers from all over the US.