Owner/Operator Saved from Drunk Driver – Awarded a New Ex-Guard

Ex-Guard and Premier Truck Group of Salt Lake City assist driver 
in getting back on the road after a tragedy was prevented.

Des Moines, IA, May 16, 2024 – in late August 2023 owner/operator Vince Fazio had a life-changing run-in with an out-of-control drunk driver.

Truck Driver Saved by Ex-Guard from Drunk Driver Grille GuardFazio, based in Nevada, operates for a major owner/operator carrier out of Florida. He was on one of his normal routes on Highway 93 by Wickenburg, Arizona when a drunk driver involved in an active police chase slammed into Fazio’s truck at more than 50 miles per hour. The intoxicated driver of the 6,000-lb F-150 struck the Ex-Guard and front fender.

“I honestly think I would have died if an Ex-Guard would not have been on my truck. My lower bumper was destroyed but I lived. The guard took 95% of the impact and I have the chance to work another day,” noted Fazio. “Ex-Guard prevented my truck from being totaled – saving me at least $60,000 in expenses.”

After the accident, Fazio needed some time to heal from the bumps and bruises while working through challeng

es with his insurance carrier. Because of these setbacks, he wasn’t able to get a new Ex-Guard put on his truck.

Damage from drunk driver on grille guard


When we saw Vince’s story and heard he wasn’t able to get a guard for his truck, we knew it was the right thing to help Vince and his family with a new Ex-Guard,” said Ex-Guard’s Head of Sales, Joel Wooten. Ex-Guard connected with Chris Fjeldsted, Parts Sales Manager at Premier Truck Group of Salt Lake City. Chris had just the right guard in stock that would fit Vince’s truck. “We have hundreds of stories of customers that have been protected by Ex-Guard. We’re glad to be able to keep another one of our customers on the road and safe,” said Fjeldsted.

The drunk driver involved in this case recently pleaded guilty, helping close this chapter of Fazio’s life. He noted, “Not only did the guard protect me, but it helped push away the F-150, keeping both vehicles from being more damaged. It does save lives!”



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