Ex-Guard Rebate for Landstar BCOs

Welcome Landstar BCOs,

We are happy to see you’re taking advantage of the special rebate you have access to with Landstar.

If you have already ordered your Ex-Guard, complete this form and your rebate will be sent directly to you.

If you have not ordered your Ex-Guard yet, Here’s how you can redeem this offer:

  1. Call Ex-Guard at 888.204.8478
  2. On your call with Ex-Guard:
    1. Provide your truck’s make, model, and variation (fog lights / CMS / bumper, where applicable)
    2. Share the level of coverage you prefer
    3. Ex-Guard will provide a quote*
    4. Ex-Guard will provide dealer options near you to negotiate the best deal.
  3. After Landstar BCO makes purchase:
    1. Submit this request form.
    2. Once the details are confirmed, the rebate will be sent directly to you.

*Freight may apply if specific Ex-Guard not in stock

Serial Numbers now on All Guards

New to 2023 production of Ex-Guard, a steel plate will be attached to every Ex-Guard that identifies the guard by its part number and serial number.

This serial number is linked to all production data related to the guard and will be required for inquiries about the product warranty or information about the product.

Also, to register an Ex-Guard, this serial number is what will be requested.

For more information about how the part number identifies a product, check out our nomenclature chart – https://ex-guard.com/product-ordering-guide/

New Product: XG-22KP

New Product: XG-23ILT/XG-23ILTE

New Product: XG-23IMV/XG-23IMVE