2018 Trucker Jamboree


On Thursday, July 12th, the Ex-Guard Marketing Team set up a display booth at the Iowa Truck Jamboree held at the I-80 World’s Largest Truck Stop in Walcott, IA. The Jamboree is a 3-day jam-packed event which includes a display of antique trucks, a Super Truck & Beauty Contest, live music, Trucker Olympics, fireworks and some great food! It was our first time at the show as an exhibitor, so we were taking it all in. The weather was extremely hot and muggy all 3 days with a few rain showers, but the event was worth attending with all the beautiful, old and customized trucks that were on display.

It was amazing to see how many antique trucks were restored to their original condition or in some cases, a ‘better than new’ condition! I’m sure many of these trucks brought back some good memories to the crowds of people that walked past them, snapping every picture they could take.

There were 42,812 attendees at the jamboree. Many Ex-Guard fans stopped by our booth to simply say ‘hi’ and let us know what a great product our company has to offer. Inside the booth, we had our lightweight black LT-325 guard on display equipped with the popular single-hand quick release latch system. We also displayed a silver XG-150, offering one of the best bumper and grille guard protection systems available to the trucking industry.

We heard many testimonials from people telling us how their vehicles sustained a deer hit with very little or no damage equipped with the Ex-Guard Grille and Bumper Guard Protection System. As a matter of fact, a couple of attendees that gave their testimonial were so excited about our product, they spoke with people that dropped by our booth and let them know about their amazing experiences with Ex-Guard products.

It was a great experience and we will be back next year!

Bob Saxton


I’ve never been to the World’s Largest Truck Stop on Interstate 80 but as an Iowa native, I’ve been past it many times. For this to be my first visit to the truck stop as well as exhibiting the World’s Best Front End Protection, Ex-Guard obviously, I was psyched!! Each one of the show trucks was unique and some were just a class of their own like the Freightliner Classic saluting our Veterans and the 2006 Peterbilt 379 named ‘End of Watch.’ It was fun meeting so many truck drivers with different stories and different backgrounds and hearing what inspired them. Of course, there were tons of Ex-Guard users and admirers that stopped by to reiterate just how great of a product we offer. The collision stories we heard ranged from elk to deer to trailers backing into them but my favorite was the bear story. One driver hit a black bear at full speed with the XG-150 guard and said the bear ‘went flying, rolled over a few times and then got up and lumbered off!’ Once again, there was absolutely no damage to the truck and our Ex-Guard lovin’ driver was able to keep rolling. With all of this in mind, I can’t wait until next year and I hope to see more of you there!

Nathan Holt


Although the weather at the 2018 Trucker Jamboree was hot, humid and rainy, it was a very successful first show for Ex-Guard. I spoke with tons of fleet drivers and owner/operators who all had stories to tell about animals they had hit. Many drivers had Ex-Guard Grille Guards so they were saved from truck damage and downtime where the other drivers weren’t so lucky.

The show trucks were amazing and the details on some of the trucks were incredible! My favorite truck of all was a 2006 Peterbilt 379 called ‘End of Watch,’ a memorial to fallen police officers, which won first place in two different categories. Overall, I had a great time and can’t wait to return!

Melissa Godron




As a new addition to the Ex-Guard Marketing Team, I was able to meet and learn about our customers at the I-80 Trucker Jamboree! This being my first event with Ex-Guard and as a person with not much experience in this area, I was very impressed with the creativity and style of the trucks. Everyone was so friendly. It was fantastic!

Caitlyn Smallridge