We have had over 15 deer collisions in the past year with these new units and not one has had to be shut down due to the hit. These Ex-Guards have been nothing short of OUTSTANDING!

Brian FeherTerminal ManagerBlack Horse CarriersTully, NY

Ex-Guard saved the truck an astronomical amount of damage.  The driver lost control of the truck and went down an embankment, crossed the median and went on across the oncoming traffic lane before colliding head on with a large tree.  The truck only suffered minor damage to the body.  My co-workers and I have never seen any other brand of guard hold up to an impact of this dimension!

Brian GoadMiddle GA Freightliner / IsuzuMacon, GA

Here at Wright’s Sawmill, we’ve had two collisions while running Ex-Guards; one was with a pickup and one with a deer.  The deer was just flicked out of the way and the truck was untouched.  This was truly a lifesaver considering the last deer collision cost $17,000.00 and it was only a low-speed hit.  When a driver ran a stop sign in front of another truck of ours that was traveling downhill, our truck was completely protected and the only damage to the Ex-Guard was a small gash out of the lower portion.  If it hadn’t been for the guard, the truck would have been in the shop for months!  I am tickled to death with these Ex-Guards.

Chip WrightWright’s SawmillArlington, KY

Our Ex-Guard grille guards have been quite an impressive piece. We here at Seay Oil have had them in service for a couple of years now and the only thing that has gone wrong was a bracket kit that got bent on a high impact collision. One truck rear ended a car at low speed and was untouched. Many deer collisions have happened over the past few years as well and we have yet to experience downtime from them. The most memorable deer collision happened recently and is already known through our entire staff. A driver of ours hit a deer at high speed and kept going as nothing was wrong with the truck. After stopping to inspect the front end, he realized that the deer was wedged into the grille guard and he had to pull it out by the legs and drag it off the road. This collision would have destroyed the front end of the truck but, thanks to the Ex-Guard, it wasn’t damaged at all. Thank you Ex-Guard!

Ronnie FickSeay OilPaducah, KY

These trucks are all on FSL with Hi-Pro. So, we made the decision to use the Ex-Guards on their trucks. We have been proponents of the Ex-Guard for years now, and found that it is a very inexpensive piece of insurance to protect our assets. Hitting one Elk, can put a vehicle down for weeks. This minimizes our customers’ downtime, and saves money by not having to secure replacement vehicles.

Chris McDevittGeneral ManagerRWC GroupSpokane, WA

Ex-Guards are easy to put on and easy to fold down.  We have them on all of our night and line haul trucks and have been really impressed with them.  NTC has run some other brands previously but they didn’t hold up and our hoods would still be lost when the guard bent back into the hood.  In short, the Ex-Guard is a heck of a guard!

Dave BreningNebraska Transport Company (NTC)Gering, NE

We have had a good experience with the guards.  A large deer still will do a little damage to the hood, but it is way less than without. A deer hit without the XG-125 is about $12,000.00, to repair this one was $1,400.00. We do run some of the tall guards and deer do zero damage to the hood.  Overall, they have been much less to maintain.  The purchase cost was slightly more but they are much tougher.  They do well against concrete also and have saved the front end of the truck.

Jason RadankeHead of MaintenanceLME, Inc

What a great product! Hit a deer going 65 mph in my 2016 Cascadia. Absolutely no damage to the truck. Or any damage to the guard. Can’t say enough about your product. It paid for itself in that one deer strike. I have hit several deer in other trucks over the years. Suffering catastrophic damage each time and costly downtime. Thanks Ex-Guard for making a quality product.

Ronald LivelsbergerYork, PA

I am so pleased with my Ex-Guard.  I looked at several types of guards.  Some were nice and some were ok but when I saw this type on a friend’s truck I asked about it, looked into it and decided to go with it.  I am so pleased with how easy it was to install and how durable it is not to mention how good it looks on my truck.  The day after I put it on I hit a deer on 80 in Nebraska.  Not only did the guard protect my truck (lights, fender, hood) but it didn’t even bend. Last night on 1-25-2017 in Oakdale, NE, I got stuck in snow.  Snow chains didn’t help so I had my son hook chains to the tow hooks on the guard and pull me out.  It didn’t faze the guard . I’d recommend this to any driver because it is light, strong, and easy to install.  I’ll always recommend this to any driver, along with the company I’m leased with.  I told Tradewinds’ shop manger they need to put these on their trucks.

Glen ClarkContract DriverTradewinds TransportationAlbany, OR

We here at Contract Transport Services run Kenworth, International, Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks.  Since switching 42 trucks over to the Ex-Guard XG-125 and XG-150 model grille guards, we’ve been very impressed with their performance and will not run any other brand of front end protection.  These grille guards are designed exceptionally well.  The coating is far superior to any competing guards and if something must be replaced such as hardware or the upper section of the guard, it installs seamlessly.  We hope to use install Ex-Guard on all 140 units we run.  As a service manager, I love these guards and they are a pleasure to service and maintain.

John "Bucky" Falish Shop Team LeaderContract Transport Services, LLCGreen Bay, WI

Over the past year we have installed the Ex-Guard model XG-150 on most or the 90 trucks for our USPS mail haul division. We have hit numerous deer, had a few stationary vehicle incidents, and one accident involving a stationary steel post filled with concrete. All of these incidents would have been much more expensive to repair had it not been for the Ex-Guard. Before we started using your guards, we would typically see bumper, hood, head light, grill, and/or radiator damages when we had a deer strike. Our newest series of trucks also has a small but very expensive radar unit that has survived strikes with no damage due to the Ex-Guard protection. Since the guards have been put on, we have seen very little damage to any of the components on trucks involved in deer strikes, and typically drive away from the scene with a truck that only needs to be washed. We are very happy with the guards.
One of our concerns when we first started testing the Ex-Guard product was the idea that the guards might adversely affect our MPG. We are very sensitive to this issue, and we go to great lengths to spec and maintain our trucks for maximum MPG. After thorough analysis of several test units, we could find no measurable difference between the trucks that had the Ex-Guard on them and the identical trucks that did not have the guards installed. This made the return on investment time for the Ex-Guard even shorter.
We look forward to using the guards on all of our future trucks, and thank you for a well made, easy to install and use product that has positively impacted our company.

Dave AllisonAlan Ritchey, IncValley View, TX

Truck is fine!  The collision happened somewhere south of Indianapolis in the Bloomington area.  Not sure how big the doe was but driver said it was decent.  Truck did not get a scratch on it… obviously it needed a good washing.  The big reason I sent you the pictures is you have a very good product.

Ted DulaneyOutside Parts RepresentativeRush Truck CenterIndianapolis, IN

This truck has only been on the road for 2 months.  It is a 2017 brand new Hino straight truck.  The first night after we put the guard on it the driver hit a deer going 55 mph.    As you can see, there is only a small dent in the bumper.  I just wanted to say thanks for the great product!

Suzan Porter

We have been using the Ex-Guard product (XG-125) for over four years now.  Before we starting installing them, our average animal collision costs were roughly $10k per truck.  Almost every incident required extensive hood repair, grill replacement, bumpers replacement or repair, headlight assembly replacement, and can even get as far as the charge air cooler, ac condenser, radiator and fan hub components.  Now that our fleet is 100% fitted with deer guards we see minimal damage to the front ends of our trucks.  We have no doubt in our minds that we have fully taken advantage of the ROI this product will give you.

Aaron WeilandDirector of Maintenance Schuster CompanyLeMars, IA

Beyond impressed! I haven’t hit a deer in over 25 years. When I hit a deer with my Chevy pickup, going about 70 mph, both fenders, passenger door, hood, windshield, bumper, radiator and fan were destroyed in a fraction of a second. Yesterday I hit my first deer with a 2015 Freightliner going 65 mph. I had no time to even hit the breaks because it came out of nowhere! Bang! I pulled over to assess the damage, with my phone in hand ready to call my boss. Absolutely unbelievable! Nothing but hair and bugs in the grille! Totally impressed with the strength of the guard! I can’t imagine how many thousands of dollars in damage the truck would have endured without it.

Kevin Winkler


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