ATA TMC – Truckers Against Trafficking

2017 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition

We are very honored to have partnered with the Truckers Against Trafficking organization at the TMC Convention, providing the Ex-Guard for the truck that was displayed on the “Everyday Heroes” truck. What an honor it was to take part in creating this unique truck, showcasing the positive changes the truck will bring within the trucking industry to help with the prevention of human trafficking. The proceeds from this truck’s auction will go towards funding the program’s expansion.


2018 New Generation Freightliner Cascadia Fog Light Test


To ensure the quality of our product on the latest vehicle makes and models, we took the 2018 New Generation Cascadia for a test. The image on the right showcases the visibility of the truck with and without a guard.

The conditions are true to what truck drivers face daily. Conditions shown are dark and raining on an unlit road. The driver has on the fog and headlights. For New Generation Cascadia models with fog lights, you can use our standard guards or ask about the XG 100 Series Deep Guard designs.

To see more video’s from Ex-Guard, check out Ex-Guard on Youtube.

Collision Mitigation Systems


Collision mitigation systems are becoming increasingly popular and for a very good reason. Per a report from one of the fleets I work with, they have experienced a 40% decrease in front-end collisions. These systems coordinate a single forward radar sensor or group of sensors, the adaptive cruise, and the braking component of late model tractors. The front radar sensor is in an extremely vulnerable and exposed position. This fact, combined with the reality that the system is not designed to “see” animals, gives further justification to equipping your tractor(s) with Ex-Guard front end protection.

The Ex-Guard design team has carefully designed all our guards so they do not interfere with the radar beam of the collision mitigation equipment. As new designs enter the market, we are working to quickly manufacture mounting brackets for those designs to ensure full functionality of these safety features. Rest assured, Ex-Guard has you covered.

Tom Holt
Business Development Manager

Just When We Thought We’d Hit Everything

Just When We Thought We’d Hit Everything!

These 2 guards were on display at the Truck Country of Milwaukee Open House on Friday April 7th. One had hit a train and the other a concrete post at 21 mph. Both trucks were untouched.

Train VS Guard
A late season snow storm hit south-eastern Wisconsin. The driver got out to clean his wiper blades while waiting for a train. The parking brake didn’t engage, causing the truck to roll forward into the moving train. The truck bounced off of 6 rail cars before the driver was able to re-enter the vehicle and back away from the moving train. The truck was undamaged. The upper portion of the XG-150 Ex-Guard was the only damage incurred.

Post VS Guard
The truck bearing the LT-350B Guard was sucked off the road in icy, muddy conditions and hit a concrete post head-on at 21 mph. The Ex-Guard acted as a cradle, preventing any damage to the truck itself.


Jerry Young
Truck Country, Milwaukee, WI

Highlights from the #TMC2017 Show!

2017 ATA TMC Show, Ex-Guard's Booth

2017 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition

Ex-Guard was proud to attend and exhibit our products at the American Trucking Association annual Technology & Maintenance Council held February 27 through March 2. There were over 9,000  attendees and exhibitors at this conference.  Several OEM booths at the show were presenting new models such as the International LT and the redesigned Freightliner Cascadia. Kenworth, Volvo, and others also had state-of-the-art displays which were real ‘eye catchers’ making each booth a great experience.

From the show, it is quite evident there are many changes occurring in the trucking industry ranging from Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) to brakes and wheel bearings. You name it, this show had it!

Another notable change is the prevalence of collision avoidance systems. Now more than ever, they are becoming an industry standard within all the latest trucks. This is an exciting change that Ex-Guard is ready for. We protect the Collision Avoidance Systems on the front of your truck with our advanced front-end protection products.

Bob Saxton, Director of Marketing


Ex-Guard TMC2017  Ex-Guard TMC2017