Camping In Style!

“I chose Ex-Guard because it looks the best and looked like it would truly protect my Freightliner RV. I was so excited to pick up my XG-150G2 and it really looks great. Thank you Ex-Guard!”

– Charles Toplikar

How Many Deer Hits Can An Ex-Guard Take?


“Just thought I’d share this with you. 70 mph deer crossing in Pennsylvania.”

– Bryan Ritts

People ask, “How many Deer hits can an Ex-Guard take?”. Well, Brian has put this XG-150 to the test on high deer traffic routes. How Many? He has lost count, but we’re looking at 20+ Deer hits so far. #KeepOnTruckin Brian! 

Save the Milk

“Recently had one of your guards (XG-150) installed on my milk truck. The boss had a smaller one on another truck in the fleet but I went a little bigger. Can’t wait to try it out lol! So far I’m very impressed with the guard. The function, craftsmanship, and made in the good old USA!”

– Theodore Nack | Bergfeld Trucking, Inc. | Peosta, IA

Oh Deer!

“A deer jumped out in front of the truck at 115 kph and parts of deer went everywhere! After cleaning up the truck and a change of boxers for the driver, we’re back on the road again!”

– Jeff Holmes | Holmes Freight Lines Inc | Brampton, ON

No Downtime with This LT-325

Freightliner LT Deer Hit“This shows how much Panama Transfer is glad to have the Ex-Guards on their trucks. Great durable guards at a good price. Without this on today, we would have been down a truck and several thousand dollars. Thanks Ex-Guard!”

– Marty Schwery | Panama Transfer | Panama, IA