Oh Deer!

“A deer jumped out in front of the truck at 115 kph and parts of deer went everywhere! After cleaning up the truck and a change of boxers for the driver, we’re back on the road again!”

– Jeff Holmes | Holmes Freight Lines Inc | Brampton, ON

No Downtime with This LT-325

Freightliner LT Deer Hit“This shows how much Panama Transfer is glad to have the Ex-Guards on their trucks. Great durable guards at a good price. Without this on today, we would have been down a truck and several thousand dollars. Thanks Ex-Guard!”

– Marty Schwery | Panama Transfer | Panama, IA

Ex-guard saves another truck from downtime!

“Our Ex-Guard bumper saved another truck from being towed. Hit a deer on the NY State Thruway and escaped with just a little scratch on the bumper.”

– Stephen Sperbeck | ERL Intermodal Corp.