Dealers, Did you know Ex-Guard is ready to promote your Events?

Ex-Guard recognizes the support from out Gold Dealers and we are always ready to help promote and encourage success. If your team is planning on an Open House, Grand Opening, or Sales Promotion we are ready to help.

Promotional Flyer

Does your event need a flyer to promote Ex-Guard sales or specials? With Access to the Ex-Guard marketing team, you can request Event Flyers or promotional materials as long as they feature Ex-Guard.

Social Media

With a following of over 15,000 Ex-Guard is able to share your event post and help gain traction in your area. We are also able to discuss a paid promotion through the Ex-Guard account to drive traffic to your Grand Opening, Open House, or Sales Event.

Do you need assistance at your next sales meeting or training?

Your regional Ex-Guard sales representative takes their relationship very seriously, we are happy to accept an invitation to attend your meeting or to give a training demonstration. We also have training materials on hand to help educate your Sales Team on the Features and Benefits (FAB) of the Ex-Guard line of products. Our training will help your team identify the customer’s concerns and match it to the guard that best compliments their coverage and endurance needs.

Running Low on Marketing Materials?

Request materials below, or email [email protected] to request items not listed below or for to give us additional information on how we can better serve you as our Gold Dealer.

Do you run out of marketing materials fast?

Ex-Guard wants to make sure that you are always covered. If you find that your sales representative isn’t restocking materials fast enough or there’s an area you feel you need us to improve email us more details at [email protected].

Marketing Material Request Form

Low on supplies? Promoting an Event? Submit your request below. Or email [email protected].

    These items will be designed by the in-house Ex-Guard marketing team and will require additional information.