“Aside from the ease of installation, the Ex-Guard is a great looking and very functional product. We have had several impacts to the front end of our trucks and the guard took the impact and was still functional with minimal damage to the truck! This guard has saved us thousands of dollars not just in body pieces but in tows as well! Repairs for damages in a large fleet get costly but with the Ex-Guard we have saved a lot of money, in the end I believe these bumper guards are well worth the money in the long run.”

Joshua Laughlin | OTR Fleet Support | Central Oregon Trucking

Ex-Guard Withstands 2 Backup Incidents!

“The Ex-Guard product was pre-installed on the ‘19 Volvo I used to drive when I was a driver, and the guard saved me twice from a backup incident!

My mechanic advised me that only Ex-Guard is the brand he trusts! And as soon as I become an owner, the only brand I am trusting is Ex-Guard!”

Adrian Petrovschi | P Trans Express | Ozark, MO


Ex-Guard Stands Up To A Skid Steer!

“A skid steer ran into our truck! The Ex-Guard did everything it was designed to do and saved our truck. It is still drivable and able to keep going, saving expensive repairs and downtime!”

Andrew McConnelI | Kawartha Metals Corp.


Ex-Guard is Always the Right Solution!

“There is a solution for every downside in the trucking industry! 

Ex-Guard is the best when it comes to safety and adding a nice aesthetic element to our trucks! Save thousands and look cool, what can be better?”

Eugen Melinte | MVM Logistics

You Saved A Life!

“You saved a life! A car hydroplaned and did a 360 into the front of my truck. The driver of the car would have been crushed to death under my truck. Both drivers walked away shaken but unharmed. Thank you so much! Please share to save lives.”

Shelby Baize | Baize Trucking Inc.




“I decided to go with the Ex-Guard, XG-150BG2 for my 2021 Peterbilt 579, which gives the most protection of my front end from getting damaged, saving thousands of dollars in repairs.”

Thomas Anderson | Owner-Operator | Arlington, TX