Brant’s Ice Cream

Brant Aderman keeps his large freezer stocked with all flavors of Klondike bars and Choco Tacos and has a mission to bring joy to children and families in hard times. The first visit was to a two-year-old boy from Worthington, MN who had been assaulted in 2018. Following the news coverage he received, Brant had over 50 requests from other families wanting him to visit. Brant’s Ice Cream Truck also acts as a memorial to those who have lost children as he keeps photos of them posted around this cab.

Brant says, “My 5-year-old son has always wanted an ice cream truck and he’s my baby.” So, he added ice cream truck music last October to make sure everyone knows when he’s coming. Although Brant has been a long-haul truck driver for 30 years and doesn’t get to spend a lot of time at home, he tries to lift spirits every day. While he’s on the road, he gives out ice cream at every stop he makes. Often, the totals exceed $600 per month in ice cream alone! If you hear the familiar jingle of an ice cream truck that sparks childhood memories, check to see if it is Brant and his colorful ice cream truck!