“We have been using the Ex-Guard XG-125 product for over 4 years now. Before we started installing them, our average animal collision costs were roughly $10k per truck. Almost every incident required extensive hood repair, grille replacement, bumper replacement or repair, headlight assembly replacement, and can even get as far as changing the air cooler, AC condenser, radiator and fan hub components. Now that our fleet is 100% fitted with deer guards, we see minimal damage to the front ends of our trucks. We have no doubt in our minds that we have fully taken advantage of the ROI this product will give you.”

Aaron Weiland   |   Director of Maintenance


“Jones Logistics has been using the Ex-Guard model XG-125 for approx. 2 years now. We investigated and tried many options to reduce the cost of deer and animal-related incidents, with very minimal success. In Sept of 2015, our salesman made us aware of the Ex-Guard brand bumper guards. At this time we had already spent over $29,000 on deer-related accidents. We tried 5 units wondering how we would monitor success. In December of that same year, one of the trucks that had the bumper guard ran into a deer… dead center of the hood… ZERO damage to my truck. We quickly purchased more. I am currently down to less than $6000 a year for deer-related accidents and am still in the process of outfitting my fleet with Ex-Guard equipment. I highly recommend their product…because it WORKS!”

Bryan Stewart   |   Director of Maintenance


“Fantastic product! Very well made. Maintenance-Free with no latch issues. We run this product on our entire fleet. When we had a drunk driver slam into our truck it just bent our Ex-Guard [XG-150], totaling his car, we came out unscathed! Made me a Believer!”

Heath Focht   |   President