Accident north of Mankato, MN

An accident happened north of Mankato, MN at 12:15am, Feb 11th.  3 horses got out of their pen and ran east to west across 169 S, 20 miles north of Mankato. Luckily, my driver only had 1 trailer instead of doubles (probably wouldn’t had a roll over…). My drivers are taught not to swerve for animals. Rolling a trailer is an instant firing. Gatr of Sauk Rapids, MN encouraged me to put your product on, since we had been through 3 [competitor guards].  I am sold on your product, especially now.  I will put it on all my new trucks right away and my current trucks as the [competitor guards] fail (because I can get insurance to pay for it).

Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

A small horse (600-800 lbs) hit the center, bending the center tubes a then rolling underneath.  A full sized horse hit the driver’s corner and rolled off, almost hitting the cab. Both horses were killed instantly.  The driver was fine.  We brought him another truck and he continued on to Sioux Falls, SD.  I believe that if the truck had not had the guard, the full sized horse would have been in the cab, and who knows about the driver.

There are a few other contractors around FedEx ground that use Ex-Guard, and love the test I gave it.

Thanks for the excellent product.

Jacob DybvigJetco Inc, FedEx Ground contractorSt. Paul, MN
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