Designed to fit Ford Explorer Interceptor Law Enforcement Vehicles. Call to verify model variations.


Like all Ex-Guards, this model is coated in the extremely durable PVC coating we are known for and constructed of an 8-gauge high tensile steel. This front end protection unit is torsion mounted to the vehicle. It’s as tough as it looks and can be depended on by law enforcement agencies anywhere! Installing the Ex-Guard adds 135 lbs to your vehicle weight.

The newest addition to our line-up is the new 2020 Ford Explorer and the Ex-Guard design perfectly compliments the exterior updates. Take a look at a demo we installed on a Ford Explorer Interceptor (Part# CV-20FXR-25B).

Model Guard Compatibility


ModelYearCoverageGenProduct Number

Designed for Ford Interceptor

Call 888.902.2777 with compatibility questions on vehicle model variations including parking sensors or lights.