Serial Numbers now on All Guards

New to 2023 production of Ex-Guard, a steel plate will be attached to every Ex-Guard that identifies the guard by its part number and serial number.

This serial number is linked to all production data related to the guard and will be required for inquiries about the product warranty or information about the product.

Also, to register an Ex-Guard, this serial number is what will be requested.

For more information about how the part number identifies a product, check out our nomenclature chart –

…Probably The Best Product & Investment I Have Ever Made!

“This is probably the best product and investment I have ever made! I was traveling on I-84 at 5 o’clock in the morning, approximately 20 miles East of Ogden, Utah, when I came across 3 mule deer at 70 MPH.  Without my Ex-Guard my truck would have been totaled!  Thank you for making such a great product.”

– Jurgen Grodhaus | Aries Trucking, LLC | Owner/Operator


What Does Ex-Guard Save?

ROI & Annual Savings Calculator


Kenworth added another classic to their line, the W990! Ex-Guard already has them covered. Our XG-200 Series and the new HD-500 Series will protect this beauty. What’s the HD-500 series you ask? It’s the best blend of simplicity and strength that an Ex-Guard can offer with a single hand latch and 8 Gauge steel.

How to Install Ex-Guard Light Tabs

A short video on how to install the light tabs for additional lights on your Ex-Guard.

Ex-Guard Latches Tutorial

Ever wonder why truck drivers love Ex-Guard’s Latches? Check out the single hand and dual cam latch options. Check out how easy it is to operate the Single Hand and Dual Cam Latch options.